Christmas celebrations both near and far

Santa traveling by rickshaw (Source: AP)

India celebrates Christmas but in a different way. The grand celebration exists among the Christian sector but also extends to some of the Non-christian families. During my childhood we decorated our house with lights, and most houses had a star in front of their house and a manger displayed inside, although things may be different now.  There was a religious aspect to the celebration, including attending mass at church. Women of the household would start preparing cakes, puddings and biscuits a couple of weeks before. Families would get together and a traditional feast with all kinds of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes were served.

It is a puzzle every year whether to celebrate Christmas in Western style or in Indian style. We had a tree for my first Christmas, but after that we have been spending Christmas in India (with my family) or Florida (with my husband Gopal’s parents). This year we decided to decorate the house a bit more. When you have 6 year old and 5 year old, rules change and sometimes you give in to their whims and fantasies. Whatever makes them happy! So we got a Christmas tree last Sunday and Gopal was left with no choice but to participate. We could have decorated with ornaments over pooris and aloo gobi or samosas with mint chutney but instead chose  a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and pig in a blanket – how American, right? The next morning when I told my mother over phone about our Christmas prepping decoration, her questions were “What are ornaments? What is hot chocolate (she has only heard chocolates, chocolate cake and chocolate cookies)? What are pigs in a blanket?” I replied the only way she can get her answers will be by traveling to USA more often!

To that note, I’m very excited to have my guests come and visit India in March 2010. Preparations are underway. But more on that later…



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4 responses to “Christmas celebrations both near and far

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It’s quite addicting. I’m so glad I’m on your email list.

    • Terri, thank you for reading. As you see I had no idea I had comments on this page. Still getting used to the blog and twitter. Hoping to be more frequent with blogging from now on. Saw your website. I had no idea you managed birthday parties. how cool! I’ll have to keep you in mind for my little one who is all about princesses. 🙂

  2. I would totally swap out the Prime Rib for some of your cooking for Christmas Seena. Sorry we will not have our families together the year. Best to all!

  3. Vincent, so sorry to be replying late. Thank you for reading and sharing your comments. Had no idea that they were comments on this page. Hope to be frequent with blog articles from now on. Still getting used to! Hope you guys had a great Christmas. I wouldn’t have missed your Prime rib 🙂 Congratulations on moving!

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